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A little bit etymology? šŸ“–

Originally, Ionia is an ancient geographic region where science was born. But for us, Ionia is a state of soul that is powered by the curiosity of what is next.

We craft games with šŸ¤øā€ [1][2][3]


1. enthusiasm

2. energy

3. passion

Ionia OƜ

As a company, actually, we are just bunch of geeks who develops games in weekends.

Creating entertainment is not a job for us but the only way to entertain ourselves. Every smile that we cause, is our highest motivation.

Roll 'n Break

Roll 'n Break is our first game. Available on both platforms!

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The Team

We are close friends those know each other for than ten years. But now, the only important factor is the mindset we have. We are open to anybody that has this mindset or want to have it.