Why We Do

Originally, Ionia is an ancient geographic region where science was born. But for us, Ionia is a state of soul that is powered by the curiosity of what is next. We do what we do due to the same reason that Thales had.

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

How We Do

Mostly, we work at weekends. We are close friends those know each other for than ten years. But now, the only important factor is the mindset we have. We are open to anybody that has this mindset or want to have it.

What We Do

Mainly, we craft mobile games. But also, we experiment by developing web and mobile applications.

Our Products

Roll 'n Break

Roll 'n Break is our first game that is on both platforms.

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Btckit is an open source project that aims to serve Bitcoin tools to everyone for free.

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aliv.ee is a link shortener service like no other. It allows the user to choose the shortened link by herself.

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